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Our overall player development philosophy is driven by a deep-seated belief that better people make better athletes. Accordingly, we drive a commitment (and winning) culture that teaches the student athlete to be better problem solvers, and develops winning character traits through adherence to our Program’s three pillars:
1. Player and Skill Development in the Read & React System. Basketball fundamentals—both on the offensive and defensive side of the court--are the hallmark of our Program. Further, our overall basketball philosophy is conveyed through the Read & React System. In short, Vale Basketball players are not taught plays—rather, they are taught “how to play.” These Read & React skills and principles are transferable to all playing situations at all levels of basketball.

2. Age Appropriate Strength & Conditioning. We believe that you shoot the basketball with your core, you pass the basketball with your core and your overall endurance as a player is driven by the strength of your core. Accordingly, our age appropriate strength and conditioning philosophy is “Core 4” training which is conducted in the strength and conditioning areas in the rear of our facility.

3. Leadership Development. As we work to develop our next generation of leaders on and off the court, we focus the student athlete on the three principle qualities that all leaders must exhibit: (1) superior communications; (2) strategic thinking (and being an additional coach on the court); and (3) eternal perseverance.

Player Development Pathway

From Jr. Jumpshots, to our different levels of the Basketball Program, to our AAU program, each of the players gets proper development to work their way into and through High School and potentially on to the next level!

Through this pathway, the young ballers will learn plenty about the game of basketball and even more about the game of life. Maximize Potential in Life and Sport! 

The finest basketball experience

Vale offers basketball clinics in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. This is a great opportunity for you to let our highly-trained coaches and our Director of Basketball Ed Battle work with the players and help them develop!




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